Get your study up and running fast

With IBM Clinical Development you can build and design your trial in days.  Get help from our support and services team to ensure you meet your deadlines.

Pick the study start-up option that’s best for you

We can work together to help you build your study, or you can choose our full-service option and let our team manage the entire design process from end-to-end on your behalf. IBM Clinical Development lets you configure key components to align with your workflow.

Migrate existing data for studies-in-progress

You don’t have to wait for your next study to start harnessing the power of IBM Clinical Development—we can efficiently move your current data to our platform now.

Learn only one interface

IBM Clinical Development is designed to be intuitive through the use of a common interface, when you learn one part of IBM Clinical Development, you’re ready to master all the rest.

Simplify study reporting

On-demand reports let you verify workflows, monitor progress and shift gears, when necessary. And you can export in virtually any format, including SAS, XML, CSV and Microsoft Excel.

Compliance features

We support and follow the following standards:

  • 21CFR Part 11,  21CFR Part 50, 21CFR Part 54, 21CFR Part 312, 21CFR Part 314, 21CFR Part 820
  • EU GMP Annex 1
  • 45CFR Parts 160, 162 164
  • FDA guidance and local and state regulations
  • ICH E2A, ICH E3, ICH E6, ICH E8, ICH E9, ICH E2D and ICH E14
  • OHRP