Data is integrated directly into the multi-tenet SaaS solution for ease of access, stability and security that instills confidence in your trial data.


User experience

No programming required. By integrating a self-service data import tool into IBM Clinical Development, we have empowered data managers to reduce the complexities  to integrate disparate data sets and deliver on  study objectives. 



From self-service to full-service, IBM Clinical Development's data integration solutions offer flexibility that  empower you and your data integration needs. From self-service tools to extract and import data without IT, to fully validated API's that interface with your custom IT solutions or by outsourcing to our full-service support team.

Empower yourself with your data

Whether you need to perform a one time data import, rescue a study by migrating trial data into IBM Clinical Development from another EDC platform, or make recurring imports from different data sources, we have a solution for you. Empower yourself and integrate your data into your study with the speed and efficiency that comes from IBM Clinical Development.
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"70% of organizations need to integrate more than 6 disparate data sources."

-Ventana Research

Integrate disparate data sources into your study

  • Multiple data sources
  • Self-service tools that require no programming
  • Large data imports
  • Full service options from IBM Clinical Developments service team
  • Reduced study cycle times


"So why is IBM at OCT Southeast?": We are SO glad you asked!

Of all the questions we heard as a sponsor of last week’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast conference, that was definitely the most frequent.

And it’s perfectly understandable. Because while IBM has worked in healthcare for more than half a century (we developed the first pediatric medical record in the 1960s), most of that work has been “behind the scenes” supporting the use of technology in tens of thousands of hospitals, health systems and research organizations worldwide.

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Join IBM to learn best practices in conducting patient-centric trials

Thought leaders from industry and patient-advocacy groups to share methods to optimize trials through stronger patient relationships at national conference.

Patient Centricity, the drive to better align the needs and expectations of both patient and researcher in a clinical trial, is among today’s most important industry issues. Advanced technologies such as smartphones, wearable devices and embedded sensors can help researchers enhance the quality of patient relationships and the timeliness and accuracy of patient-reported data.

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