Data is integrated directly into the multi-tenet SaaS solution for ease of access, stability and security that instills confidence in your trial data.


User experience

No programming required. By integrating a self-service data import tool into IBM Clinical Development, we have empowered data managers to reduce the complexities  to integrate disparate data sets and deliver on  study objectives. 



From self-service to full-service, IBM Clinical Development's data integration solutions offer flexibility that  empower you and your data integration needs. From self-service tools to extract and import data without IT, to fully validated API's that interface with your custom IT solutions or by outsourcing to our full-service support team.

Empower yourself with your data

Whether you need to perform a one time data import, rescue a study by migrating trial data into IBM Clinical Development from another EDC platform, or make recurring imports from different data sources, we have a solution for you. Empower yourself and integrate your data into your study with the speed and efficiency that comes from IBM Clinical Development.
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"70% of organizations need to integrate more than 6 disparate data sources."

-Ventana Research

Integrate disparate data sources into your study

  • Multiple data sources
  • Self-service tools that require no programming
  • Large data imports
  • Full service options from IBM Clinical Developments service team
  • Reduced study cycle times