Unified integration

Directly integrates into  IBM Clinical Development's EDC that compiles patient profiles and creates "digital Dossiers".

30% time savings

Digitize your Endpoint Adjudication process and cut your endpoint adjudication timeline processes by 30%.



Interoperable as a standalone solution that can be integrated into any EDC. Can be optimized to study’s need, phase or local regulatory body.

Cut adjudication timelines by 30%

The IBM® Clinical Development Endpoint Adjudication module gives everyone in the adjudication process – sites, coordinators and adjudicators – online access to what they need and when they need it.

The Baim Institute needed to improve the efficiency of the manual, paper-based endpoint adjudication process and incorporated the digital power of IBM Clinical Development’s endpoint adjudication solution. The Baim Institute was able to cut their adjudication timeline by an average of 30 percent and strengthened their relationships with sponsors.

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Designed to integrate into your trial

Empower your team and let IBM Clinical Development Endpoint Adjudication compile a digital dossier of all required endpoint details and source documents that can be shared via the cloud instantly.

Designed for interoperability, IBM Clinical Development Endpoint Adjudication is designed to work with IBM Clinical Development's unified EDC platform, or any other EDC that is running your trial.

One Dashboard, Multiple Benefits

IBM Clinical Development Endpoint Adjudication starts with a collaborative workspace that combines various workflows and endpoint management into a single interconnected system. One dashboard lets you manage virtually every aspect of the adjudication process from start to finish.

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Manage multi-phase adjudication with ease

  • Experience flexibility and control with customizable endpoint management workflow.

  • Expedite cycle times with online redaction tool and direct, electronic collection of source documents.
  • Improve data quality through eCRFs.
  • Increase convenience for adjudicators with access to assignments and dossiers from anywhere, at any time.
  • Know immediately when documents are ready for review through auto alerts/notifications.
  • Monitor real-time metrics and study listings.