IBM® Clinical Development Randomization from Watson Healthlets you randomize study subjects.

Supply & Dispense

Get an overview of your research inventory, coordinate distribution and track your shipments from depot-to-depot and manage stock across sites from one dashboard.



Working within one consistent, integrated interface, you don’t have to log into a portal or an entirely different system altogether to finish the next task.

Coordinate the entire dispensing and tracking process

IBM Clinical Development Inventory Management and Dispensing provides an up-to-the-minute status overview of your research inventory and lets you coordinate the entire dispensing and tracking process in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. 
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Our Randomization is an Interactive Web Response (IWR) feature that lets you define the stratification factors used to select and assign subjects to a randomization group. You can also assign randomization records to subjects directly in EDC and have the information included in the same data export.


Clinical trial operations and supply management

  • Allows you to define treatment options
  • Assign randomization records to subjects directly in EDC
  • Input and track inventory, shipments and site inventory
  • Safely assign treatment groups
  • Dispense to your subject database
  • Option to randomize subjects automatically or manually based on other criteria you designate

"So why is IBM at OCT Southeast?": We are SO glad you asked!

Of all the questions we heard as a sponsor of last week’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Southeast conference, that was definitely the most frequent.

And it’s perfectly understandable. Because while IBM has worked in healthcare for more than half a century (we developed the first pediatric medical record in the 1960s), most of that work has been “behind the scenes” supporting the use of technology in tens of thousands of hospitals, health systems and research organizations worldwide.

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Join IBM to learn best practices in conducting patient-centric trials

Thought leaders from industry and patient-advocacy groups to share methods to optimize trials through stronger patient relationships at national conference.

Patient Centricity, the drive to better align the needs and expectations of both patient and researcher in a clinical trial, is among today’s most important industry issues. Advanced technologies such as smartphones, wearable devices and embedded sensors can help researchers enhance the quality of patient relationships and the timeliness and accuracy of patient-reported data.

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